Healing from Trauma Programme

The Healing from Trauma Programme is a self-help group healing programme for people who have suffered from trauma.  Participants share their experiences in a small, confidential and supportive setting, with people who have also suffered traumatic experiences. 

Facilitators of the programme have also been through the Healing from Trauma Programme, this helps to create greater trust and understanding between facilitators and participants.  Only those who have personal experience of trauma may facilitate and they demonstrate the process.

Currently we offer residential programmes comprising of one or two groups  of up to 4 participants with 2-3 facilitators for each group.  The focus is on sharing the experience of trauma within the group, telling the trauma and life stories and creating artwork as part of the healing process.  This format is designed to show the participant their trauma story in the context of their life as a whole.  This allows them to see that the trauma which they have suffered was an event in their life and does not define their life.  The disproportionate impact upon the person’s emotions is recognised - participants are encouraged to recognise the significance of the event. However, participants report that this structure enables them to see that life was good before their trauma occurred and that there is no reason why life should not be good again.  Participants can visualise the trauma as having a start and end point.  It has been reported that this is a big factor in helping people to move on. 

Below are some comments from people who have recently been through the programme:

“It helped me to find the positive things in my life.”

“This weekend has been the best therapeutic thing I have ever done in my life, it has been very healing for me.”

“Gentle yet profound.”

“It feels like I am getting closure.”

“More than I could have hoped for. Years of hoping and searching for such understanding, feedback and healing. Excited to continue life with a new outlook. I will carry this experience with me always.”

“Reflective and restorative.”

“A healing inner and all around experience.”

“It was gentle and deep work. I’m sure this has been massively healing.”

 “I felt ‘healed’ – I let go of something, pain, loss, grief, in a safe, supported space and had my
trauma and my life validated.”

Heart-touching and life-changing.”


The programme is not free-of-charge each participant expected to make a contribution by way of donation (see below) although we offer bursaries to those who are unwaged, please see here for upcoming programmes.

For further information on the Healing from Trauma Programme, or to register, please contact us on 028 796 50875  or email info@widercircle.org.  Or, you can download and complete the Participant Application form below and return it by post or email to the office.

Healing from trauma PARTICIPANT APPLICATION.doc

This document outlines suggested donations.

Suggested Donation Policy.pdf

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